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How to Protect Your Dog From Warm Weather Health Hazards?

The outstanding bond between dogs and humans has continued for over ages now. This is one of the biggest reasons our mongrel confidantes are considered more like our family members and more than just pets. Most of the dogs indeed stay with us, look-alike with us to some extent, turn like us and thus, it gets different to forget that they are different breeds all together with a different set of genetic wants – particularly surviving the hot summer season.

Experts have revealed that summertime is the hardest season for dogs getting wounds and diseases. In extreme cases, they also tend to get heat strokes, dehydration, and car mishaps – where they aren’t at fault.

This post talks about some useful tips that you must follow in order to protect from the health hazards that you incur in warm weather conditions.

Ensure that Your Dog Stays Inside Most of the Time

For most of us, the first instinct we get during a hot scorching day is to go swimming. But what is hot yet bearable for us might be unbearable for the furry friend. Experts from the Humane Society of the United States have found that dogs minimize the temperature of their bodies through thermoregulation.

They do so by panting through which the hot air expels from the body and bring wetness in the mouth to vanish and calm. But this protective mechanism is less effective during heat and moistness. It is important to make sure that your dog remains inside most of the time.

Comfort Your Dog With Cooling Coat

If you have a dog prone to overheating and a thick coat, you can try a cooling vet that will help evaporate the heat quickly. This is done by deflecting the rays of the sun. Pet experts have revealed that these kinds of vests are very effective in arid climates, and they should be dry, not wet.

It is because using a wet vest can cause friction and chafe the skin. You can also have cooling mats that are also effective in reducing the overall temperature of the dog by absorbing body heat.

The Dog Must Have the Availability of Freshwater

Access to an adequate amount of freshwater is the basic rule and right of existence for every living being. Also, staying hydrated is important for the stability of the body. Be it outdoors or indoors, your pet must get to drink pure water.

Even if you are going for a small evening stroll, make sure to take a bottle of water or a moveable dog dish to fulfill the dog’s thirst when needed. Also, make sure that the water is at a drinkable temperature. Keeping a bowl of water out in the sun all day long might not be a tempting option for your dog.

Limit the Dog’s Time Outside

Our young furry friends love to play around throughout the day, moving from one place to another and doing lots of fun. But whether you have one or more dogs in your house, you need to limit their time outside, especially when there is a scorching sun.

Install an electric dog fence for two dogs to ensure that they don’t go too far and be in the perimeter so that you can ask them to get back to the house. You can tempt the day by offering your favorite rubber chew toy with soft food combined with chicken broth. Anyway, it would help ensure that the dog remains inside the house more.

Protect the Paws and Skin from Boiling Outsides

Do you remember running for hysterical creep and running to water after unintentionally stepping into extremely hot soil in naked feet? Well, we all remember the experience. The same goes for the dog’s paw, and they can easily scald on shells like pavement or sand that fascinate heat from the sun’s rays.

Before you allow your dog to play outside or go for a walk, be sure to feel the temperature of the asphalt with your hands to feel the temperature. If your hands feel that it’s too much, then it will be extremely hot for your pet’s paw pads.

Another important tip to keep in mind is that you cannot let your dog inside the car. Not even if you are going for a quick stop off to get some groceries. The consequences can be drastic when you leave the pet inside the car.

The temperature inside the car rises or reaches a dangerous level and can severely impact the dog’s health. Following these tips will certainly help you take care of your pet during the warm summer season. If you have something, then please share it with us below in the comment section.